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Rolling Stock Storage

Vehicles stored with us are kept at Eastleigh Works where we have extensive repair and maintenance capabilities, as well as 3rd rail supply, steam and diesel fuelling points and inspection facilities. Unlike former MOD sites, our tracks are situated in the heart of a busy railway complex with easy access to the National Rail Network and active security on a site that operates around the clock.

  Rail vehicles in storage will eventually either be returned to service or disposed of and Eastleigh Works makes both of these options easy to do on a single site. We also have extensive experience of different traction types, from simple shunters to class 66s; DMUs to the latest EMUs.
Apart from running up of engines and powering up on the 3rd/4th rail system, we are also able to offer full maintenance packages and programmes of test runs to demonstrate vehicle availability.  

There is a limited amount of undercover storage available for high value, delicate or sensitive vehicles. Uniquely for UK rail storage sites we can offer insurance that even covers acts of vandalism to vehicles in storage. Whilst we don’t expect this to happen, it’s nice to know that such cover is in place.

We have storage space for up to 300 vehicles on site, although operational requirements mean that we usually limit our storage to no more than 200 vehicles, allowing us to handle long trains and gain easy access to the Workshops on site.  
  Our storage charges are competitive but we don’t aim to be the cheapest in the industry. The ability to store, maintain or dispose of rolling stock on the same site is a unique service that has found extensive support from our customers.
Please contact us for further details of our rail vehicle storage services.