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Train Stabling
Eastleigh Works is built at a strategic location where the main London to Southampton strategic route is crossed by lines to Portsmouth to the East and Salisbury to the West. With the benefit of direct access to this junction and a 3rd rail traction supply the Works is an ideal location for the stabling of trains.
Since the reopening of the Works in 2006 we have gradually developed the facilities on offer and now regularly stable trains, light engines and track maintenance machines from all over the country.  
  The availability of maintenance and fuelling on the same site is attractive to operators and has been used extensively for all types of trains and traction. The site is available for stabling and train movements 24 hours every day.
Security on site is excellent and our staff are well versed in fuel and water point activities. In 2009 we hosted our first steam excursion trains and now regularly act as a stabling point for excursion traffic. Apart from fuelling and watering of locomotives, we can also provide coach water, cleaning and rubbish collection.    
  We can handle trains of up to 250 metres in length and all types of traction and have agreed Methods of Working in place with all of the UK’s freight operating companies.
For cost effective and hassle free stabling please contact us for further details.