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Notable Projects
Overhaul and repainting of Mk2 coaches for Direct Rail Services
Repainting of class 66 locomotives for GB Railfreight
Conversion and repainting of additional vehicles for Tubelines Asset Inspection Train
Installing vacuum brakes in vintage Metropolitan Railway locomotive
Repainting of class 08 locomotives for Mendip Rail
Repainting of class 57 locomotives for Direct Rail Services
Full refurbishment and return to service of class 47 locomotives for Direct Rail Services
Docklands Light Railway Wagon Overhauls
Class 508 Warm Store Running
Flat Wagon Overhauls for GE Rail Services
Mk2 BFK Repairs
Wagon General Repairs for GE Rail Services
London Underground Inspection Saloon Overhaul
Class 57 Engine Repairs
VSOE Northern Belle Mk2 C4 Overhaul
Repainting of class 66 locomotives for Colas Rail
Mendip Rail Switcher Repairs
Repainting of Stoneblowers for Network Rail
Mk1 Kitchen Car Repairs and Repaint
Heritage Diesel Unit Repairs and Repaint
Locomotive Repaints for Direct Rail Services
Mendip Rail Class 59 Maintenance, Repairs and Repaints
Complete repair of switching locomotive following major collision
Network Rail/Harsco Rail Grinder Overhauls
Full refurbishment and return to service of three class 47 locomotives for Colas Rail
Other Notable Projects
Superstructure repairs to Mk3 based saloons following collision
Successful implementation of several wagon modifications requiring Engineering Acceptance
Wheelset control management for private owners encompassing several hundred wheelsets
Ongoing call-off for fitness-to-run and return to traffic examinations including those requiring certification and acceptance in accordance with ROGS
Wheelset storage and logistic moves for a range of operators and owners
Damage repairs for a range of leased wagons; notably, headstock replacement and twist-lock mounting repairs
Ad-hoc maintenance and repair of Plasser tamping machines, Geismar Rail Handlers, Long Welded Rail Train and a new total track re-laying machine
Full maintenance and repair contract for several diesel-electric locomotives, passenger vehicles and diesel-electric multiple units
Ongoing wheelset replacements, 'out in the field', for most major wagon leasing companies operating in the UK
Re-railment and return to service of several 102t stone hopper wagons
Fleet maintenance and repair contract for several main-line charter sets made-up of pre British Rail, BR Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 hauled coaching stock