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The management and staff of Arlington all have a railway engineering background and with an exceptionally broad range of experience and expertise. Previous appointments encompass design, construction, commissioning, maintenance, refurbishment, modification and recovery of all types of traction and rolling stock. Disciplines include mechanical, electrical, electronic and software. Many of those forming the management team also have a wide railway operating experience. This broad knowledge is maintained, constantly assessed and improved upon.
A key understanding throughout the team is that of risk. The team understand the impact of their actions upon the network as a whole as well as the impact upon the systems being directly worked with. Such a claim requires each individual to understand the wider implications of railway engineering and have a good appreciation of all of the systems that inter-work on the network. There is a good understanding, within the team, of regulatory issues contained within UK and European law as well as industry internal rules and Railway Group and Industry Standards. This understanding enables Arlington to assess risks accurately and formulate controls that are not restrictive.
Arlington operates a management system to ISO 9001:2015 and an Environmental System to ISO 14001:2015. Arlington is also Link-up approved for the range of products being offered including the Achilles Core Module. The individual qualifications across the management and staff include Quantified Risk Assessing, Auditing, Safety Management, Business Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering and a broad range of British Railways presented courses for traction and rolling stock familiarisation.
Arlington has been supplier assessed by several companies in accordance with Rail Industry Standard RIS-2450-RST (Qualification of Suppliers of Safety Critical Engineering Products and Services). Arlington enjoys a continued trading relationship with these customers who include TOCs, FOCs, Transport for London nominees and members of the Private Wagon Federation. We have also been assessed and accepted by the Freight Transport Committee and are able to supply maintenance services in accordance with the PWRA.